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Feb 05

Ekikon kenkyuukai-Mama wa Inran Niku Dorei

It’s game CG animation set. This pack contains 81 very quality animations. Type: lolicon game CG set | Author: Ekikon kenkyuukai | 81 animations 0

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Sep 22

Ekikon Kenkyuukai – Boku-tachi no sei kurabe

A new flash game by Ekicon Research Society with more of a focus on shota & shota and straight shota. Well it’s mostly straight shota but there’s a bit of shota & shota thrown in to make it worth your while. Enjoy 😉 Game in the original language! (Japanese) To start a game open .exe …

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Oct 11

Rengeki no Omutsu Doll

Very cute toddler girl is a fuckable toy for man 😉 Also, you may like the other works by this author! 😉 This pack contains 69 very quality gif-animations. Type: lolicon animations | Author: Ekikon kenkyuukai | 69 animations 1+

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Oct 07

Boku-tachi no sei kurabe animations pack

This is a shota-loli animations pack from original flash game! 😉 Cute boys are enjoying all perverted things with girls,women and with the each other, too! 🙂 Type: straight/yaoi shota animations | Author: Ekikon Kenkyuukai | 70 gif-animations 0

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