Sep 22

Ekikon Kenkyuukai – Boku-tachi no sei kurabe

A new flash game by Ekicon Research Society with more of a focus on shota & shota and straight shota. Well it’s mostly straight shota but there’s a bit of shota & shota thrown in to make it worth your while. Enjoy đŸ˜‰

Game in the original language! (Japanese) To start a game open .exe file!

Type: loli/shota game | Author: Ekikon Kenkyuukai | Size: 708 MB

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  1. Hiro

    So…every time I try to run it this weird looking error comes up with a bunch of question marks, and it won’t start up. Any idea how to fix this?

    1. Funnyboy

      I tested game with windows 7 & 8. No error occured. But game on japanese language.And a bunch of question marks means fonts don’t supported by operating system.

      1. Arkad

        So… How are we to fix this?

        1. SoSo620

          Hi me in my file , i have just “live.dll” Why ?! i need full file Pls ;'(

          1. Teddy

            Guys just go to properties and set compatibility to Windows XP and “run program as administrator” and SoSo you need to disable antivirus cuz it is blocking .exe. files from rars and zips

  2. dude102

    umm i got some error with a bunch of question marks and stuff how do i fix this problem please?

  3. Kirax

    This file seems to be defective, when I click on the file, the stupid question marks keep on popping up and after I click “Ok” it’s still continue’s to rapidly pop up until I hit alt ctrl and delete to manually remove it.

    Fixing this issue would be very much appreciated, thank you

  4. Robert

    Try renaming the exe file, it worked for me.

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